Pax Christi member and his stickers become a security risk…

Coventry Pax Christi member,  Paul McGowan and his ‘stickers’ become a security risk!

Up-date: October 2014 

Coventry plays its part!   Lockheed Martin staff have been ‘mentally scarred’ by public references to the company’s products, says Coventry University Technology Park’s Facilities Supervisor. ‘Stickers’ have appeared at various points around the site, and have now spread even to the Ladies and Gents toilets. This morning an elderly man was detained for twenty minutes on suspicion of conspiring with others to walk about the site carrying pieces of paper.

Mention of cluster bombs, Hellfire missiles and nuclear warheads has not gone down well with the IT specialists working at the Design Hub, inside sources have claimed.
On top of this, repeated reports, passed on by site operatives to their superiors, of so-called ‘stickers’ referring to Lockheed Martin’s activities are beginning to generate a bureaucratic blizzard of paperwork in the University’s administrative headquarters, ashen-faced security staff have confided.
And now the world’s Number One arms-dealer (Lockheed Martin) has begun to complain that it is not getting the protection it needs, if it is to continue its activities in the peaceful and tranquil surroundings which it has the right to expect, having paid vast amounts into the University’s coffers.
It is understood that steps will be taken to ensure that employees working at the Technology Park will be safeguarded against the possible harmful effects known to be associated with bits of paper and dabs of Blu-tak.

As has been my weekly habit for the last six months, I passed through the Coventry University Technology Park this morning, looking for opportunities to give some free publicity to Lockheed Martin, the self-effacing multinational arms-dealer, now busying itself in our city.
This time my luck ran out. I was spotted by an eagle-eyed security man. He pointed out, politely, that strictly-speaking I was trespassing. I said I knew. He said he knew I was the one responsible for putting stickers on their property all round the site. He said they had me on CCTV. I said I wasn’t surprised… read on 


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