Pax Christi International statement Palestine & Israel and other resources

Here we offer a number of background articles/reports that may shed some different light  on what is happening now.

They may help you in writing to your own MP or to the Israeli Ambassador here in London to express your concerns about the human rights violations and the on-going illegal occupation. Contact details: Find your MP  and   Deputy Ambassador Eitan Na’eh, Israeli Embassy, 2 Palace Green,London,W8 4QB,

  • Statement: Pax Christi International has worked for many years with Palestinian and Israeli human rights and peace organizations to support their work for a just peace in the Middle East based on human rights. Around the world our members and partners are praying for all those whose lives are being destroyed by violence. We are convinced that nonviolent, legal and political solutions are the only way to stop the violence.We believe the painstaking work to build confidence and peace between people is totally compromised by this current rise in violence. Palestinian youngsters who attack Israeli civilians play an important role in this, and so do the Israeli security forces that exacerbate the violence and do not protect Palestinian civilians.
  • Situation Update – Jerusalem_15 October  from office of the Pontifical Mission, Jerusalem
  • Statement by Human Rights organisations in Israel challenging illegal actions of police and IDF , 15 October
  • Article Palestinians must not fall into this trap, again! Sam Bahour  policy adviser to Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian Policy Network
  • Statement from Bishops Declan Lang, Catholic Bishops’ Conference, October 2015
  • Report from Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum 7 October 2015

Useful websites for keeping up-to-date/ campaigning actions

Kairos Britain (Pax Christi  is a member) – Palestinian Centre for Human Rights B’tselem Israeli Centre for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories – Palestine Solidarity Campaign – See how you can Stop Arms to Israel 




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